Download / Install Custom Font for PowerPoint Presentations

hey this is Ralph and in this video I want to show you how to add a custom font to your PowerPoint presentations okay so I’ve got a really simple PowerPoint presentation here and if I activate for instance the title slide of course we’ve got tons of fonts available but let’s say you wanted to go through and add a brand new font so what I’m going to have and what I’m going to do here is I’m going to jump out to the web real quick and if I just did a Google search for free fonts one of the sites that comes up pretty often is 1001 free fonts com this other one here D font is pretty good and I have it use font squirrel but any of these free font sites you’ll find a nice variety of fonts to choose from so over here at 1001 free fonts you can go through a bunch of categories of various fonts and things like that and so there’s tons of fonts to choose from I’m going to grab this one because it really stands out this D pontius and I’m going to click the download option and it’s going into my downloads folder it’s deep into yes zip and I think I’m going to take this though and I’m just going to move it over to my desktop real quick just so you can kind of see it from there so I now have this font zipped up on my desktop what I’m going to do is I’ll just right click on that I’m going to extract it extract and whenever you unzip a zip file for a font you’re going to find quite a few variations in there some fonts might give you several variations some might give you you know six or more I was looking at one earlier I had I think probably about ten different variations for instance if you double click on one you’ll actually see an example of how that font looks and there is an install button right up there so I can see this is kind of a hollow version of that one and I’ll just double click on one of these others here’s a filled in version of that one so you get a few choices and of course you could select several of them and take care of them all at once I think I’m just going to get the first one here I’m going to right click on this TTFN which is a true type font file right click on that and I’m going to choose the install option it’ll go super quick it’s already done now as soon as you install a font it may or may not be readily available in your program so if I go to my PowerPoint which I had left open and I scroll down and I go into the the DS for my font and it’s not jumping out as made to me as being available in here that D pontius font so I don’t notice it so no problem let me go in close PowerPoint I’m going to open it back up in fact let me go back to my presentation that I was just using so now I’m back into my presentation and if I click on this go to my fonts now there I see it deep on TS lace and if I choose that font that font is now being used on my presentation so that was pretty easy now if I want to use this particular font for all of my slide titles probably the most practical way to do that would be to head over to view and then I’m going to go into a slide master I’m going to go up to my main master slide here I’ll click on the border of my placeholder the border of my title placeholder home ribbon I’ll change that font out to the deep one TS and and there we go so now this particular font family is going to be applied to all of my slide titles I can go ahead and get back over slide master clothes that masked review so now whenever I create a new slide there we go each new slide is going to have that particular font now when you use a custom font and a PowerPoint presentation or a Word document for that matter you might want to go an extra step and make sure that font is embedded in the particular file what I mean by that is I’m going to click on the file menu and I’m going to go to options and particularly I’m going to look at the save options so file options save options scroll this up a little bit and near the bottom of this save options dialog box there an option to embed fonts in the file well if you use a fancy custom font on your presentation and then you show that presentation on a computer that doesn’t have that font installed you’re going to have some trouble so what you can do is you can embed fonts in the file and that gives you two choices I can embed only the characters using the presentation notice it reduces file size and that would be good if you were just going to be showing your presentation on a let’s say a foreign computer computer you don’t know that well or you could choose to embed all characters of the font so they even mention here it’s best for editing by other people so if you still think you might need to add some content to the PowerPoint in that unusual font then you want to do this second option keep in mind this option is going to greatly add to the file size of your PowerPoint let me show you this real quick I’ll go ahead and bed I’m going to bed all characters I’ll click okay I’m going to do a file save as I’m going to save to my desktop and I’ll just give this a slightly different name there we go so I now have these two files saved get my presentation title my presentation title for the first one is without the font being embedded before I even really installed it and have to head over to properties I can see that this font is under a megabyte at 668 K with my embedded font RUP over up over megabyte so quite a bit of a difference in just using that embedded font feature but you’re going to really appreciate having that if you’re using your custom font on your PowerPoint so download font from a font website unzip it right-click on the TTF file to install use that font in your presentation but don’t forget to go to the file options save options and embed that font in the file

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